Listening to Jesus

Many of us have bibles on our phone, allowing us to easily pull out a verse at bible study, or during a rest break. But what if you wanted to get into scripture as you shop, work, commute, exercise, or paint? Well this week, we wanted to let you know about some bible listening apps that are out there through the Android and Apple stores, as these are one of the ways that we can seek to remain in Christ, and he in us, in this ‘smartphone age’.
You might like to check out some of the following apps and see whether they could help you in your journey of discipleship, as you seek to listen to Jesus through his word.
If you try one of these and have feedback, we’d love to hear your thoughts – send an email to one of the staff team.  Thanks, and God bless!

This is probably the most ‘polished’ bible listening app, with eye-catching graphics and a great listening experience.
Cost: It’s available for free until June 8th ($30USD/year after). Create an account, and skip payment by joining our church trial through https://dwellapp.io/signup/with/W4LygQ
Features: You can set reminders for daily listening. Choose from 6 readers, reading KJV (1 reader), NIV (1 reader) or ESV (4 readers). Ambient music plays underneath the reading and can be chosen from a list (including a ‘no music’ option).

Access the many translations available through the Bible Gateway website, including the NIV UK audio bible read by David Suchet (who played Poirot, and Aslan in the Narnia movies).
Cost: Free.
Features: It doesn’t get much better than having Aslan read the word to you – and it’s free! Data connection required. Includes reading plans, with reminders available.

Less welcoming on first open than Bible Gateway, but possibly a more capable tool.
Cost: Free.
Features: Verse of the Day notifications available. Audio readings are available under the ‘volume’ symbol. Suchet’s NIV-UK audio bible is available, and you can set the reading speed to 1x, 1.25x, etc. Pages auto-scroll during reading. Highlight in a plethora of colours. Download an offline version of the Bible for patchy coverage areas and feature your highlighted verse of the day on the app’s home screen. Reading plans available, many have specific focuses e.g. marriage, leadership, etc.

Not a listening app, but worth knowing about. The Bible Project team (known for their easy-to-follow videos explaining big ideas from the Bible) have put together an ESV bible reading plan including their helpful, easy-to-understand videos at key points.
Cost: Free.
Features: Notifications assist with developing a reading habit. Features verseless reading and incorporates the Bible Project’s ‘big picture’ videos at the start of each book. Tick off the readings as you go chapter-by-chapter with a reading and psalm each session.