KAC Update – March 29


Sunday March 29, 2020

It all changes faster than you can say ‘coronavirus’ – so while we have an update for this week, a lot will probably change again before we get to next week!

BIG NEWS – Archbishop Glenn Davies was due to retire in July, but the Standing Committee has invoked a subclause in the Retirements Ordinance, and asked Glenn to continue for a further 6 months (March 26, 2021).  Glenn has agreed, and will continue as Archbishop, negating the need for an Election Synod later this year.

CHURCH OFFICE – We have decided the Church Office will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays – if you have reason to phone or call in, please remember to do so between 9am and 3pm, Wednesday to Friday.  Please also note that on Saturday mornings a contracted cleaner will be doing a full hygienic clean, to maintain appropriate safety standards … please do not enter the church premises on Saturday mornings while this is happening.

STAFF – We are developing new guidelines for how we operate as a staff team – minimising face-to-face contact, working from home whenever possible, seeking to exercise responsibility towards one another and the current community expectations.  From now on, all staff meetings will be online … these are unusual times!    We are adjusting to the ever-changing conditions day by day ­– please pray for us.

MINISTRIES – There are now no face-to-face ministries allowed to be conducted.  Even weddings are limited to five people, funerals to 10.

Last week we suggested we could use the church premises for small groups, but that is no longer possible, nor is it OK to meet in our homes any longer.  We ask that all groups meet in an online format, according to the strict guidelines imposed by our government for non-essential meetings.  Please contact staff by phone or email – do not come to the church except by appointment or because you are delivering or picking up materials.

KAC CALL CLUB – We are setting up a phone connecting ministry, primarily for those who risk being out of touch with the requirement of physical isolation.  A response form has been published – if you haven’t received it, please phone the office … and if you have, please consider how you might participate, either taking or making calls.

MAILCHIMP E-NEWS – This weekly publication has now become our chief means of communication.  If you do not already receive it, please contact Michele at the Office, and request to be added to the distribution list.  We will use this email facility to send other notifications, for example for ‘KAC Online’ and other updates as they occur.  We are also developing a hardcopy bulletin for all those without internet access – if you know anyone who needs to receive this, please pass names on to Michele.

AGM – We are all aware that the Annual General Meeting (which was to be today) has been postponed indefinitely.  However, much of the preparation of reports, etc, had already been done, so the written reports are now available for everyone to read.  You can access them on the KAC website or contact the office for a physical copy.  Steve and I are presenting the Senior Minister’s Report online, and you can view that report in the same way you watch the KAC Online church service.

CORONAVIRUS PRAYER – The Archbishop has declared today (March 29) a ‘Day of Prayer for the World in the COVID-19 Pandemic’.  For those who would like to connect with each other, we suggest linking together in online groups sometime during the afternoon.  You could meet with your small group, contact a bunch of concerned friends, join together as a family, or even pray by yourself – but please use this opportunity to pray that God will intervene, and deliver our world from this continually growing threat – as well as healing those who’ve caught the virus,  protecting health workers, guiding our decision-makers, providing for those who are losing jobs and businesses, encouraging all who are isolated and shut-in, etc.

OFFERTORY – A number of people asked last week … what are we doing for offertory while we are not meeting on Sundays?  Unfortunately, we don’t see any obvious savings on expenses that are likely to occur in the immediate future.  First, we recommend that the simplest and most convenient method is to use electronic funds transfer which, if you’ve not done it already, can be set up through your bank – the details of the church account are published in the e-newsletter, on the KAC website, and in any old church bulletins that you might still find lying around the house.  If that is too hard or not practical, we ask you to phone Michele at the Office for practical instructions as to how you can continue to provide support for our needs as a church community during the time of this crisis.

Rod Harding / Steve Stanis