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Anglicare coming THIS Sunday Oct 21

Conversation that Can Change a Life!

Ingilize konuşabiliyor musun? Habla usted Inglés? Eh?

Is it time to offer English classes as an outreach activity of KAC?
According to the Kiama Council website, 2011 to 2016 saw a 24.1% increase in residents for whom English is not their first language AND at Playgroup some Mondays we have up to seven different nationalities. So a group of us would like to ‘test’ to see if now is a good time to step forward.
Anyone interested in assisting is invited to an information session with Anglicare at 3pm on Sunday, 21 October in the Church Point Centre.
Anglicare provides training and support for Teaching English as a Second Language throughout the Illawarra. Susan Radkovic, Regional Co-ordinator, and Lydia, one of the teachers from St Michael’s, Wollongong, will explain what is involved and answer any questions.
Once we have a KAC ministry team, we’ll run a story in the local papers seeking interest from community members. Then we’ll take it from there. So please pray and, if you think God might want you involved, either RSVP to the Office or just come to the information session.