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Sunday Sept 23

Welcome to Kiama Anglican Churches as part of the Kiama Folk Festival and especially to Nerida Cuddy who is singing at our 10am service. Nerida’s folk songs are stories that capture the emotions around suffering. In the same songs we also sense the hope of which she sings.

This Sunday Steve Stanis will be preaching from Luke ‘The Great Banquet’ Luke 14:15-24. Steve will be preaching at 8am and 10am and Zac McCann at 8:30am and 6pm from Psalms. Our 10am Service will be a different one as it’s part of the Kiama Folk by the Sea festival. Hope you can join us this Sunday!

How can hope be born of suffering?

Today we look together at a story Jesus (the one has given true hope to all through real suffering) tells – the story of a great banquet (Lk 14:15-24). What shapes the table is not the quality of the food plated up, no matter what Master Chef would have us believe. The table, the banquet, is all about relationship – relationships that can define our suffering and relationships that can recover our hope.

This story reminds us again that relationships defined by self and our wants and expectations ultimately lead us on the road to suffering.

The invitation to those whose lives are filled with suffering teaches us of redemption in the unconditional love of God that takes the suffering of each life upon himself.

True hope through faith in Jesus turns all our suffering into eternal table fellowship of suf’free’ing.