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The Missionary Support Group or MSG commenced in February 2000 at KAC. Since that time MSG has met monthly to pray for and support missionaries all over the world in practical ways.

So much has changed in the past 18 years with the direction and growing partnership between Church and the mission harvest field.

As the new year commenced Geoff and Michelle Brain, Dianne Allen and Lorraine Mitchell (the current MSG coordinators) believed it was time to cease MSG in its current form to allow a new season for mission partnership, support, prayer, sending out, witnessing and service to evolve.

I thank God for this vital ministry as well as Geoff, Michelle, Dianne and Lorraine for their passion and leadership of KAC in a heart for mission. I appreciate their prayerful dependence upon God.

The prayer breakfast with an excellent mission speaker will continue in August. The February mission prayer insert edition was the last one Lorraine will publish.

In March we will turn our complete attention to the Regional Mission across Wollongong and surrounds.

I ask you to pray with me for the next step in mission across KAC and into the world so we can continue to build on the wonderful prayer, teaching and support that has marked 18 years of MSG ministry at KAC.

Steve Stanis