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As a church we have now been partnering with the Year 13 gap year program for five years. During this time it has been so encouraging to see God working in and through those who take part. Each year we have seen our Year 13s help to nurture and mature a group of young people.

Over the past few years we have had one or two from our church sign up for Year 13. In 2018 the great news is that we have four – Emelyn Stuckey, Brad Vidilini, Trinity Zadro and Sachin Hall. The fact that we have four young people who are keen to take a year out to study the word of God and focus on maturing in their faith is a testament to what God is doing in young people’s lives here in Kiama and something we should praise him for.

It is also important to note that with such joyful news also comes a great responsibility for us as a church. It is our responsibility to support these young men and women through prayer, mentoring, training and by providing financial support.

I am personally hugely thankful that, throughout the years of our partnership with Year 13, this has been something that our church has supported abundantly. My request for us as a church at this time is that we keep this support going, beginning with making sure that these young people are being prayed for continuously by God’s people here at Kiama Anglican.

Steve Inman